66Bhp Universal Paddock stand Spool Type

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66Bhp Motorcycle universal paddock stand with spool type adapters is a device used to lift and support the rear of a motorcycle for maintenance, repairs, or storage. The stand consists of two metal legs connected by a horizontal bar with spool adapters attached to the end of each leg. The spool adapters are designed to fit onto the rear swingarm spools of a motorcycle, which are typically located near the rear axle.

To use the stand, you would first locate the rear swingarm spools on your motorcycle and ensure that they are properly installed and secure. Then, you would position the stand behind the motorcycle and insert the spool adapters onto the spools. Once the stand is securely attached, you can lift the rear of the motorcycle by using a handle or lever attached to the stand.

A spool-type paddock stand is considered to be more stable than a traditional fork type stand, as it provides support on both sides of the swingarm. However, it is important to make sure that the stand is securely attached to the spools before lifting the motorcycle and to follow all safety precautions to prevent the bike from falling or tipping over.

Note : Not suitable for CBR 250

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