66BHP Xpulse 200 Stark Edition Crash Guard

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A perfect combination of adventure aesthetic upgrades for your Hero X pulse, At 66Bhp  we believe hero XPluse is a loving machine with more capability however we understand from our fellow customers they want their X Pulse to be more aggressive and adventure-ready. While we design the Stark Edition Crash Guard our aim is to lift the Look and feel of your loving mechine. 

Stark Crash Guard is designed to take your bike to any level of adventurer, Crash guard will offer full coverage protection for your engine and Tank. We have added two sliders in case of a fall or uncontrolled incident the slider made from Delrin will give a smooth skid and absorb the impact of the fall and limit the damage to the bike.

One full stark edition Crash will take 20 Hours of labour to complete perfection.

* Compactable with BS6, 4V, 

* Direct Fit no alteration needed

* All essential fittings included in the pack

* Select Rally pro/ Xpulse 200 4V 2023  version variant for  (Xpulse Rally Pro & Xpulse 200 4 V 2023 OBD edition)

Note: not fit for Carb model Xpulse 

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