Axor Apex Trance Helmet

Size: M
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Axor Apex Trance Helmet

This Piece Of Art On The Axor Apex Gives You A Psychedelic And Tripping Vibe With Color-Changing Effects From Blue And Purple To Copper Gold. The Graphic Itself Is A Kaleidoscopic Wonder That Creates A Dazzling Play Of Colors. So What's Stopping You From Vibing On The Roads Where You And Your Passion Just Need To Trip All The Time?


  • Upper Air Intake Vent Is Positioned To Maximize Air Volume Into The Helmet Interior
    • Back Outlet Vent Is Integrated With Pc Spoiler, Allowing It To Be Positioned For Optimum Flow-Through Ventilation
    • Breath Guard And Chin Curtain Included


  • Optically Correct Visor
    • Quick And Tool Less Visor Change Mechanism
    • Internal Sun Visor Included

Safety & Standards

To Safeguard The Biker, The Dual Eps Liner Of A Helmet Is Designed To Fit The Head Perfectly To Absorb The Energies Of An Impact And Avoid Penetration. The Lock With Double D-Ring Secures The Helmet And The Head In Order To Prevent Them From Rolling.
• Abs Material Is Used For High Protection.
• Weighs 1600±50 Gms

• Homologation - Ece R-22.05(Europe) Dot Fmvss No. 218(Us) Helmet Safety Standards
• Isi Certified
• Testing Includes Energy Attenuation
• Penetration Resistance
• Surface Projection
• Rigidity Test
• Tensile Test
• All Above Tested Under 4 Different Conditions(Hot, Cold, Submerging, And Ambient)


• Integrated Spoiler For Streamlined Presentation & Stability At High Speed.
• Tough Polycarbonate Material
• Comes In Two Variants - Clear And Smoke.

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