BMW G310 GS viaterra Aluminium rear rack quick mount

Sale price$27.90


Expand the luggage-carrying capacity of your BMW G310 GS with this lightweight Aluminium alloy rear rack from ViaTerra. Designed to be lightweight yet durable, this rack offers ample space for larger bags, and the option to secure them with straps or bungees. The rack also features large, strategically placed slots, allowing you to easily attach the ViaTerra POD Expanders, further expanding your storage options. With this rack, you can confidently embark on longer journeys without worrying about limited space for your gear.



  • Rear rack – 1 nos 
  • All necessary fasteners, spacers & washers included (refer to installation manual) 
  • 4mm allen key - 1 nos


Built to last:

  • Aircraft grade tempered 6000 series Aluminium alloy
  • Hard Anodized for improved wear & corrosion resistance
  • CNC Machined for high accuracy
  • High-strength SS fasteners
  • High-strength polymer spacer for vibration damping


  • Very lightweight with high bending resistance
  • Large surface area provides proper support to bag
  • Wide slots for easy passing of buckles/webbing
  • Compatible with the ViaTerra POD 12 & POD 22

DIMENSION : 305mm x 240mm x 3mm

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