BMW S1000 RR (2019-) Galfer Sintered Brake Pads

Size: front
Sale price$35.90


Galfer HH Sintered Brake Pads are a type of brake pads used in high-performance motorcycles, ATVs, and other vehicles. They are made by the Spanish company Galfer, which specializes in braking systems for motorcycles and bicycles.

Sintered brake pads are made by fusing metallic particles together under high pressure and heat. The resulting material is very dense and durable, with excellent resistance to heat and wear. This makes sintered brake pads ideal for high-performance applications where consistent braking performance is essential.

Galfer HH Sintered Brake Pads are designed for aggressive riding and racing. They offer high levels of stopping power, even at high temperatures, and provide excellent feel and feedback to the rider. They are also resistant to fade and glazing, which can occur when brake pads get too hot and lose their friction properties.


Fitment Note: Front Has 2 Calipers (Needs 2 Sets of Brake Pads)

  • Front : FD537G1375
  • Rear : FD165G1371

Compatible Vehicle:

  • BMW S1000 RR (2019-)

Included Items:

  • 1 Set Comes with 2 HH Sintered Brake Pads Which Fits One Caliper

Instructions Manual

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