Brembo Front Brake Pads for Triumph Thunderbird (07SU14.LA)

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Brembo Front Brake Pads for Triumph Thunderbird (07SU14.LA)

The LA Sintered compound Premium Road line of Brembo brake pads was created to last a long time and is designed for daily use on the road. Efficient and constant in any condition and temperature of use combined with an incredible durability. The WHITE pad is an excellent alternative to replacing the original equipment pads thanks to the very convenient quality / price ratio. Brembo replacement pads offer an improvement in the safety and performance of the entire brake system respecting full compatibility with the original spare parts and a great ease of installation.

  • Sold in pairs for a single caliper.

The purpose of the images is solely to present the types of compounds available and therefore they may not correspond to the actual shape of the pads required for the selected application. Click on the left icon, or print the file PDF to check the actual shape of the selected product.

All brake pads require careful bedding-in. After fitting the pads, you should initially brake gently and then allow the brakes to cool down. The time required for bedding-in depends on the blend of materials used - organic pads take longer than sintered pads.

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