DNA Air Filter for Royal Enfield Hunter 350 (22-23)

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DNA air filters are high-performance, washable, and reusable air filters that can be used in motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles. DNA air filters use a special type of foam material that is designed to provide superior filtration and airflow. The foam material used in DNA air filters has a higher density than traditional paper or cotton air filters, which means it can trap smaller particles and dirt without restricting airflow.

Using a DNA air filter in a motorcycle can provide several benefits, including improved engine performance, better fuel economy, and longer filter life. DNA air filters are also designed to be washable and reusable, which can save money on filter replacements in the long run.

When it comes to installing a DNA air filter in a motorcycle, the process is typically straightforward and can be done by most riders. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and performance.

Overall, a DNA air filter can be a great choice for motorcycle owners looking to improve their bike's performance and reduce maintenance costs over time.


Vehicle Compatibility Note:


  • OEM Air Filter Air Flow: 83.00 CFM
  • DNA Air Filter Air Flow: 87.00 CFM
  • DNA Increased Air Flow: +4.82%
  • DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%

Product Information

  • This filter features DNA®’s Round Design.
  • Installation of this new DNA Air filter is very easy; simply follow the installation instructions included in the workshop manual.
  • The filtering efficiency* is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency (ISO 5011), with 4 layers of DNA® Cotton.
  • The flow of this new DNA filter is +4.82% more than the stock filter!
  • DNA air filter flow: 87.00 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.
  • ROYAL ENFIELD stock filter’s flow: 83.00 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.
  • This DNA® filter is designed as a High Flow Air filter for: ‘Road use’.

For the ROYAL ENFIELD CLASSIC 350 22' model, only the R-RE35N21-01 filter is compatible and not the TC-RE35N21-S2 or R-RE35N21-S2-COMBO.

* Filtering efficiency is the amount of “dirt” the filter can maintain (stop) and protect the engine efficiently. For example the DNA ® Filter for every 100 grams of dirt that it will receive, it will hold 98 - 99 grams , this applies even to fine dirt as small as 5 microns.

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