Ducati Multistrada DS 1000/1000 S Yss Shock absorber 2003-2006

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Technical Specifications for Topline Rear Mono Shock (2003-2006):

  • Product Group: Topline
  • Shock Type: Rear Mono Shock
  • Product Type: Emulsion Gas Shock
  • ABE: Not specified
  • Length: Adjustable from 295mm to 305mm
  • Top Mount: 10x23, 2224mm
  • Bottom Mount: 10x23, 2224mm
  • Spring Dimensions: 56-95-150mm
  • Piston Size: 45mm
  • Shaft Size: 16mm
  • WEIGHT 5 kg

Adjustment Features:

  1. Compression Adjustable:

    • Description: Control compression stage for fast or slow movement.
    • Adjustment: 30 adjustable steps.
  2. Thread Spring Preload:

    • Description: Fine-tune spring by threading cylindrical shock absorbers.
    • Operation: Turn the preload and secure with a bolt.
  3. Rebound Adjustable:

    • Description: Control shock absorber recovery speed.
    • Components: Volume control knob, needle shaft, Free Bleed oil through hole, and time adjustment dial.
  4. Length Adjustable:

    • Description: Increase shock absorber length.
    • Options: Upgrade by 10mm or adjustable lengths +/- 5mm.

Experience convenience and control with these adjustable features, enhancing your ride with Topline's Rear Mono Shock from 2003-2006.

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