HJG Dual Tone yellow/white Fog Light Heavy + Universal Fit for all cars and bikes

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The HJG Dual Tone Yellow/White Fog Light is likely a type of automotive lighting that is designed for use in foggy or inclement weather conditions. This particular product may feature dual-tone illumination, with yellow light for better visibility in fog and white light for general use.

Fog lights are usually mounted low on the vehicle and angled towards the road to provide better visibility in conditions where fog, rain, or snow can reduce visibility and make it difficult to see the road ahead.

It is important to check the local regulations regarding the use of fog lights, as some regions have specific restrictions on when they can be used. Additionally, it's important to use fog lights properly and only when necessary, as they can be distracting to other drivers and can interfere with the visibility of oncoming vehicles.

Brand HJG
Colour Fog Light 
Specific Uses For Product Fog Lights
Light Source Type LED
Vehicle Service Type Bikes/car//Jeep


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