HJG Headlight LED Work Light DRL Fog Lamp Dual Color Motorcycle Lights Spot Light High beam/Low beam

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  • Cree Led Bright Led Voltage: 9-80V DC, Brightness : 6000Lm, Power : 60W, Scope : Motorcycles, Electric Cars (Headlights)
  • Using high-power led lamp beads, long life 30000 hours the above. Brightness equivalent brightness xenon lamp.
  • 90% of the electrical energy into light energy. power consumption of only ordinary 1/10 of the lamp.
  • reverse polarity protection: the positive and negative reversed does not light, adjust after can light.
  • Built-in application specific integrated headlight constant current drive control 9-80v universal, adapt to a wide range.
  • Does not destroy the original car structure, mounted directly applicable to all electricity moving car, motorcycle

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