Honda CB 300R Zana top rack with plate

Sale price$35.90


Make your Honda more luxurious and roomy by attaching the ultimate Zana International Top Rack with Plate. 

Designed in chic matt black it adds elegance, enhancing the whole look & appearance of your motorcycle. Built for ease &  strong support, it comes with dedicated slots for tying the bags. The elegant layout is laser cut for assuring comprehensive precision & aesthetics .

1. Increase the luggage carrying space & capacity to 10-12kgs(Maximum 40ltrs)with an easy mounting option while you enjoy the carefree ride.

2. Made with high-tech laser cut technology using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for strength & durability.

3. Six Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental).

4. Thickness 5 mm for full strength.

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