Honda CB 350/ H'ness Zana saddle stay/ pannier rack for soft bags Version 2

Sale price$27.90


  • ZANA Super Strong 3 point Mounting.
  • ZANA Saddle Stays are made of very strong metal tubes which come with exhaust shields for both sides to keep the BAGS in position and prevent it from burning from the exhaust.
  • Petrol JERRY CAN mounting points are available as standard for LONG DISTANCE TOURING.
  • All accessories/hardware are available in stainless steel or aluminium (100% RUST FREE).
  • Much Stronger compared to OEM SADDLE STAYS keep the bag vertically aligned.
  • Comfortable for pillion rider does not obstruct with the legs of the pillion.
  • Compatible with ZANA Backrest, ZANA Toprack.
  • ZANA Saddle Stays save the rear of the motorcycle by acting as a guard for the tail in case of a Fall / Accident.
  • Life long warranty against manufacturing defect (Non-Accidental Damage).


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