JT Brass Chain 520 Z3 Series X-ring ( GOLD& SILVER ) 120 Links

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The JT Brass Chain 520 Z3 Series X-ring is a type of motorcycle chain manufactured by JT Sprockets, a well-known brand in the motorcycle industry. This chain is designed for motorcycles that require a 520 pitch chain.

The "Z3" in the name refers to the type of sealing technology used in the chain. It features X-ring seals, which are designed to provide superior sealing performance compared to traditional O-ring chains. X-ring chains have smaller contact points, reducing friction and increasing efficiency.

The "Brass" in the name refers to the color of the chain. Brass chains often have a gold or silver appearance, giving them an aesthetically pleasing look.

Here are some key features of the JT Brass Chain 520 Z3 Series X-ring:

  1. Durability: The chain is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even under demanding riding conditions.

  2. Reduced Friction: The X-ring seals help reduce friction between the chain and sprockets, resulting in improved power transfer and reduced wear.

  3. Enhanced Sealing: The X-ring design provides better sealing than standard O-rings, reducing the chances of dirt and debris entering the chain, and extending its life.

  4. Tensile Strength: The chain has high tensile strength, making it suitable for both street and off-road applications.

  5. Easy Maintenance: Like other chains, the JT Brass Chain 520 Z3 Series X-ring requires periodic cleaning and lubrication to maintain optimal performance. Regular maintenance will help ensure smooth operation and extend the chain's lifespan.

When purchasing a motorcycle chain, it's important to choose the correct chain size and pitch for your specific motorcycle model. Additionally, proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial to ensure the chain functions properly and remains in good condition.

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