JT Brass Chain 530 Z3 Series X-ring ( GOLD& SILVER ) 120 Links

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The JT Brass Chain 530 Z3 Series X-ring is yet another variant of the motorcycle chain produced by JT Sprockets. This chain has a 530 pitch, indicating the spacing between the chain's rollers. The pitch size is important to match the specifications of your motorcycle's sprockets.

Similar to the previously mentioned chains, the JT Brass Chain 530 Z3 Series X-ring features the X-ring technology, which provides superior sealing performance compared to traditional O-ring chains. The X-ring design reduces friction, enhances durability, and improves power transfer efficiency.

The "Brass" in the name refers to the color of the chain. Brass chains usually have a gold or silver appearance, giving them a unique aesthetic.

You mentioned that the chain length is 120 links. The number of links determines the overall length of the chain and should be selected according to your motorcycle's specific requirements. It is crucial to ensure that the chain length is compatible with your motorcycle's sprocket sizes and swingarm length.

During installation, it is important to properly tension and adjust the chain according to the manufacturer's specifications. Regular cleaning and lubrication are necessary for the chain's maintenance and longevity.

Always consult your motorcycle's owner's manual or seek advice from a professional mechanic to ensure you select the correct chain size, pitch, and length that match your specific motorcycle model.

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