KTM Duke 250 2012-2015 / Duke 390 2013- 2017 YSS Rear Suspension

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Technical Specifications: 

Production Years: 2011-2016
Product Group: Racing
Shock Type: Rear Mono Shock
Product Type: Top External Reservoir Piggy Back Gas Shock
ABE Certification: Not Applicable
Length Range: 300-310 mm
Top Dimensions: 10×32 mm
Bottom Dimensions: 10×32 mm
Spring Dimensions: 56-100-150 mm
Piston Size: 45 mm
Shaft Size: 16 mm

High-Low Speed Adjustable Compression: The High-Low Speed Adjustable Compression represents the pinnacle of compression control technology. It incorporates an innovative H-L valve meticulously designed to regulate flow. The high-speed valve engages when oil pressure reaches critical levels, preventing hydraulic lock in the shocks.

Thread Spring Preload: The Thread Spring Preload, featuring an adjustable spring screw, empowers users to precisely fine-tune the spring by threading the cylindrical shock absorbers. Once the desired preload is achieved, a provided bolt secures the ring firmly in place.

Rebound Adjustable: The Rebound Adjustable feature affords meticulous control over shock absorber recovery, accommodating both swift and gradual adjustments to suit the driver's preferences. This design integrates a volume control knob, needle shaft, free bleed oil through hole, and an adjustable time adjustment dial on the Rebound knob.

Length Adjustable: Our Length Adjustable feature enhances the shock absorber's adaptability, allowing for variable lengths. Two upgrade options of 10 mm or adjustable lengths within a range of +/- 5 mm provide versatility tailored to specific requirements.

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