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The K&N Replacement Air Filter for the Mercedes A180 Sport/B180 is a high-performance aftermarket air filter designed to enhance the airflow to your vehicle's engine. Crafted by renowned manufacturer K&N, this filter is specifically engineered to fit and function seamlessly in Mercedes A180 Sport and B180 models.

Key Features:

🥏Improved Airflow: This K&N replacement filter is designed to optimize air intake, providing a more efficient flow of clean air to your engine.

✔️High-Quality Construction: The filter is constructed using premium materials, including layers of cotton gauze sandwiched between epoxy-coated aluminum mesh.

♻️Reusable and Washable: Unlike disposable paper filters, the K&N filter is washable and reusable. With routine cleaning and maintenance, it can provide long-lasting performance, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

🛠️Easy Installation: The filter is designed to be a direct replacement for the stock air filter, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

🔗Compatibility: This filter is precisely engineered to match the specifications of Mercedes A180 Sport and B180 models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

🦾Enhanced Engine Protection: The K&N filter offers superior filtration capabilities, capturing a higher percentage of harmful contaminants compared to standard paper filters.

✅Backed by K&N's Reputation: K&N is a trusted name in the automotive aftermarket industry, known for producing high-quality performance filters for over five decades. The warranty period will not be extended if we repair or replace the Product.

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