Motorcycle Ball Mount Adapter Peak Design/ PD-M-MM-AD-BK-1

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Ideal for motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, overlanding vehicles, boats, planes, and wheelchairs, these adapters let you upgrade your 3rd party phone mount with Peak Design's strong, low-profile, easy-to-use SlimLink™ connection system. It works with a variety of modular 3rd party phone mounting systems—specifically ones that utilize either 1" or 20mm diameter ball-and-socket joints. These 3rd party systems enable an almost infinite range of mounting phone configurations. The Peak Design Ball Mount Adapters upgrade your system with brilliantly fast and secure mounting action for your phone. They also feature weatherproof machined and anodized aluminum construction, ideal for the Locking Ball Mount and all of the outdoor adventures you will go on.


Choose from 2 mount styles, locking or charging. Locking mounts are more secure, featuring push-button phone release, and are suited for outdoor use (motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs, boats). Locking mounts feature a best-in-class vibration isolator to prevent phone damage. Charging mounts hold your phone magnetically and provide instant wireless charging. They're suitable for any vehicle with a closed cabin (cars, trucks, planes) and can still handle the gnarliest off-road trails. Charging mounts are also MagSafe compatible.

Requires a 3rd party phone mount that utilizes 1" (like RAM) or 20mm (like Offroam, Tackform, 67 Designs) ball-and-socket connection joints (sold separately). Locking mounts require a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter (sold separately).

  • Suited for outdoor use (motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs, boats)
  • Weatherproof machined and anodized aluminum
  • Magnetic + mechanical lock is ultra-secure and feels like magic
  • Best-in-class vibration isolator prevents damage to delicate phone components
  • Requires a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter

  • Suited for use in vehicles with enclosed cabins (cars, trucks, overlanding rigs, planes)
  • Not intended for motorcycles, dirtbikes, or ATVs
  • Magnetic lock is secure enough for the bumpiest of off-road trails
  • Wirelessly charges your phone as soon as phone is magnetically attached to mount
  • Included high-quality 1m USB-C cable and low-profile 12V auto outlet adapter
  • Included clips for discreet cable routing
  • Works with Peak Design Cases or MagSafe-compatible phones/cases
  • Charging may not be possible or optimal when used with Peak Design Universal Adapter

  • Works with any modular phone mount system that utilizes 1" (like RAM) or 20mm (like Offroam, Tackform, 67 Designs) ball-and-socket joints
  • Details on compatibility and setup in this article


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