Motorcycle Cutted Black Pannier Box 38L x 2

Color: Black
Sale price$368.90


Motorcycle cutted Pannier Box is a type of luggage specifically designed for motorcycles that provides extra storage space for Exhaust pipe without compromising the total capaciity. The 2x Side 38L Motorcycle Pannier Box set includes two side-mounted boxes that attach to the motorcycle's rear rack or subframe.

Each pannier box typically has a capacity of 38 liters, which provides ample space for carrying clothing, camping gear, tools, or other items. The boxes are usually made from durable materials such as aluminum or plastic and feature locking mechanisms to keep the contents secure.

The side-mounted design of the pannier boxes provides several benefits for motorcycle riders. First, it frees up space on the bike's seat or tail bag, allowing the rider to carry more items without sacrificing comfort or safety. Second, the side-mounted design can also improve the bike's handling by distributing the weight of the load evenly on both sides.

Overall, the Cutted Motorcycle Pannier Box (2x Side 38L) is a popular and useful accessory for riders who need extra storage space on their motorcycle. Whether used for long-distance touring or daily commuting, these boxes can provide a convenient and secure way to carry essential items on the road.



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