Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong ( 500 ML )

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Enhance Your Road Warrior Experience with Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong (500 ML) - The Ultimate White Chain Lubricant for Unmatched On-Road Performance!

🏍️ Elevate Your Road Adventures:
Gear up for unparalleled road adventures with Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong. This high-performance white chain lubricant is specially designed for motorcycle road use, ensuring your bike runs at its peak on every journey.

✅ O-Ring and X-Ring Tested:
Enjoy peace of mind as your chain receives the stamp of approval through rigorous O-ring and X-ring testing. Trust that your chain's longevity and performance are secured.

💪 Extreme Pressure, Extreme Adhesion:
Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong creates an extremely high-pressure and adhesive lubricating film. This ensures that your chain stays lubricated, even when subjected to intense forces and speeds.

🚀 Precision Lubrication:
For riders who demand nothing but the best, Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong exceeds the highest quality standards. Experience the precision and reliability that sets you apart on the road.

🌪️ Tackle Any Road Challenge:
Whether you're cruising on the open highway or navigating twisty backroads, Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong has got you covered. Enjoy the confidence of smooth, reliable chain performance in any riding condition.

🏆 Unleash Your Inner Road Warrior:
Serious road warriors know that quality chain care is key to an exceptional ride. Motorex Chain Lube Road Strong is your partner on the journey to becoming a true road champion.

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Manufactured by: 

Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31, P.O. Box
4901 Langenthal, Switzerland

Imported & Marketed in India by 

LRL Motors Pvt Ltd

NH Bypass, Kumbalam

Kochi, 682506


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