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SuperFast. SuperClean. SuperEasy.


Motosol Chain Lube is an adhesive chain lubricant spray for simultaneous internal and external lubrication of roller chains as in motorcycles, forklifts.

It provides highly improved long-term lubrication.

It helps maintain chains operating under water, salt water or steam and in a dirty / dusty atmosphere.


Expiry of product ( 2022 November) 


How to Use :

Get the bike into position and spray chain with chain cleaner and clean it thoroughly.

Dry the surface and apply the lubricant evenly to all sides of the chain and sprocket.


Advantages and Benefits:

Easy to apply. Extremely adhesive.

Extends the mileage of the chain kit considerably.

Excellent wash-off resistance (e.g. when riding in rain).

Resistant to water, saltwater and gives.

Excellent protection against corrosion.

Good protection against wear because of Mo – Active complex compounds.

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