Mototorque Crash Guard For Meteor 350

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Mototorque Crash Guard For Meteor 350

About This Item:

• Material
• Made With Rigid Mild Steel 32 Mm Thickness Tubes, With Highest In The Class Of 1.6mm Wall Thickness
• Cold Rolled (Cr) Tubes Are Used For Strength & High Durability To Withstand Impact During Abrasion.
• All Nuts And Bolts Are Of Stainless Steel 304 Grade.
• Mig Welding Technology Is Used For Connecting The Crucial Parts For Great Strength.
• Grid Blasting Technology Was Used Before The Powder Coating Process For A Uniform Finish.
• Automated Cnc Machines Are Used To Bend The Tubes For Precision & The Formation Of The Crash Guard.
• Design & Product Outlook
• High-Quality Rigid Material Used To Design The Crash Guard To Withstand Any Unfortunate Crash.
• Designed To Protect Engine Case & Head, Exhaust Front Bend Pipe During Any Unfortunate Crash.
• Tools Required
• Alan Key – 8mm & 6mm
• Spanner – 17 No & 13 No.

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