RAM MOUNTS RAM Quick-Grip Waterproof Wireless Charging Smartphone Holder

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Key Features
  • Requires RAM Mounts B-Sized Arm or Mount
  • B-Sized Diamond Plate & 1" Rubber Ball
  • Qi-Compatible 10W/2A Wireless Charging
  • Durable Materials & Waterproof Design
  • Spring-Loaded Grips
  • Grips Protect Phones with Rubber Coating
  • Single-Handed Phone Install/Removal
  • Wired Charging Option with USB Cable
  • Safety Tether for Extra Security

ecurely mount and charge your smartphone with this RAM Quick-Grip Waterproof Wireless Charging Smartphone Holder from RAM Mounts. The Quick-Grip holder uses spring-loaded action to securely hold your phone. Simply push up on the top grip to extend it and slide your phone into the lower grip. The whole process can be done single handedly. Both upper and lower grips are padded with rubber to help protect your device.

Once inside, your phone is ready for hands-free calling, navigation, and more. With Qi-compatible smartphones, the holder can also wirelessly charge your phone via the included USB cable. The holder can be secured to RAM Mounts ball bases or B-sized double socket arms thanks to the 1" rubber ball on the back. Constructed from durable composite and metal components, the holder is sturdy and waterproof, making it an ideal solution for many types of vehicles, such as motorcycles, power boats, and more.

Durable & Waterproof

This RAM Mounts smartphone holder is completely waterproof and is made from powder-coated marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and high-strength composite material.

Wireless or Wired Charging

The included 3.9' USB Type-A male to USB Type-A female extension cable can be used to provided power to the holder for Qi-compatible wireless charging, or it can be used for direct wired charging in your vehicle. An inline toggle allows you to control when wireless charging is active.


You can use this holder with a variety of smartphones from any brand or manufacturer. It supports phones from 5.6 to 6.6" tall, up to 3.1" wide, and up to 0.7" thick.

Additional Features

Included safety tether keeps your phone securely attached to the holder
Up to 10W/2A of wireless charging power

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