Reise Tyres for Xpulse front & rear 90/90-21 and 120/80-18

Sale price$72.90



Directional crossover blocks
Unparalleled performance
On point braking. Stops on a dime,everytime. Proven performance in all weather conditions

Big block Chevron tread pattern
Enhanced traction
Unparalleled grip for confidence on the road

Shoulder groove with sub depth
High concerning ability
Safety inspired confidence

Multi compound tread technology
Outstanding thermal qualities for minimised abrasion
More miles means more rides means more smiles

Stiffer carcass
Reduced surface deflection
Perfect stability even at high speeds and heavy loads

Wide footprint area
Increased traction
Holds a true and steady line.

50:50 rubber void ratio
Optimized for all-round performance. Performs in all weather and on-off road conditions
Performs in all weather and on/off-road conditions

Unique tread design
Great aesthetic appearance
European good looks. Turns heads even standing still.

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