Royal Enfield Himalayan 450-Moto Torque FOOTREST (SET)

Sale price$12.90



  1. Elevated Comfort and Control:

    • Experience enhanced comfort and control with the Moto Torque FOOTREST, meticulously designed for the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450.
    • Elevate your riding experience with ergonomically crafted footrests that provide optimal support for long journeys.
  2. Premium Quality Construction:

    • Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, the Moto Torque FOOTREST ensures durability and longevity, capable of withstanding the rigors of varied terrains and riding conditions.
  3. Anti-Slip Design:

    • Tackle challenging terrains with confidence, thanks to the anti-slip design of the footrests. Maintain a firm grip, even in wet or muddy conditions, for a secure and stable riding experience.
  4. Adjustable Positioning:

    • Customize your riding stance with adjustable positioning. Tailor the footrests to your preferences, providing a personalized and comfortable fit that complements your individual riding style.
  5. Easy Installation:

    • Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with the Moto Torque FOOTREST. The kit includes all necessary hardware and clear instructions, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your bike without prolonged downtime.
  6. Adventure-Ready Aesthetics:

    • The FOOTREST seamlessly integrates with the rugged aesthetics of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, adding both style and functionality to your motorcycle.
    • Embrace the spirit of adventure with footrests designed to withstand the demands of your Himalayan journeys.
  7. Tailored for Royal Enfield Himalayan 450:

    • Exclusively engineered for the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, these footrests ensure a perfect fit and maintain the integrity of your bike's original design.
    • Ride with confidence, knowing that your footrests are designed specifically for the unique characteristics of the Himalayan 450.

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