Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 2021-2023 Zana Crash guard with slider

Sale price$44.90


Product Description

1. Copyright Protected  Design exclusively available from ZANA MOTORCYCLES.

2. This crash guard is intended for trail use especially on off road trails as there are no overhangs that may get caught in off road obstacles.

3.  The crash guards are a locked at 4 points for maximum rigidity and cover the engine casing.

4. The set comes with sliders to aid as occassional highway footpegs and save the bike from damage in case of a fall.

5. Cold Rolled Powder Coated Steel Tubes used for manufacturing.

6. Precision Welding (Metal Inert Gas Welding) for uniform finish and strength.

7. All nuts and bolts of Stainless Steel (100% Rust free) included as standard.

8. 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental).

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