Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Zana Back Carrier with adjustable pillion back rest

Sale price$39.90


Product Description

  1. This Product Combine the utility and Practicality of having both Pillion backrest and luggage rack For regular size luggage (Upto 30 litres boxes  or even bags (10 kg. )
  2. luggage tray is designed for medium load capacity and the back rest is design to provide cushion support at the mid back level.
  3. This Unit has a removable and Height Adjustable Backrest .
  4. The Cushion used is 100% Waterproof and Seepage Proof .
  5. The luggage Tray Shown is 100% Removable And Height Adjustable as per the Product being used (Box / Bags)
  6. The Unit is mounted on very steady Tubular and sheet metal mounting points and comes with all stainless steel hardware .  
  7. You can use ONLY the tray pr ONLY the backrest by removing the other part as per your need and convenince.
  8. not compatible with any  aluminium box.

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