RS Taichi Torque Mesh Riding Jacket

Size: S
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RS Taichi Torque Mesh Riding Jacket – KEY FEATURES:

Chest protector standard equipment

Equipped with a hard type chest protector as standard equipment to reduce the impact when falling. If you want to replace it with an optional item and upgrade it, you can easily attach it with the snap button on the chest. The fixed button is designed so that the base can be adjusted step less up and down.

Built-in protectors in various places

The shoulders and elbows are equipped with a hard type CE level 1 protector that is resistant to friction with the road surface when falling and has excellent penetration resistance, and the back is equipped with a foam pad. It can be upgraded by replacing it with an optional protector.

Excellent breathability

High breathability is ensured by the mesh fabric placed over a wide area.

Prevention of fluttering

Adjustment buttons are placed on the left and right sides of both arms and hips to prevent fluttering due to the running wind.

Consideration for safety at night

Equipped with reflective materials on the front and rear to improve visibility from the surroundings when driving at night.




Link for Product Video – RS Taichi Torque Mesh

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