Rynox Gripper Reflective Bungee - Pack of 1

Color: RED
Sale price$1.90


The Rynox Gripper Reflective Bungee is a versatile and durable accessory designed to securely fasten and transport your luggage and gear on your motorcycle. This bungee is made from high-quality materials and features reflective detailing for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

The Gripper Reflective Bungee features six adjustable hooks that can be used to secure your luggage and gear to your motorcycle. The bungee is made with a durable elastic cord that can stretch up to 1.5 times its length, providing a secure and snug fit.

The bungee cords are coated with a non-slip material, which helps to prevent them from slipping off or moving during your ride. The reflective detailing on the bungee also improves your visibility in low-light conditions, helping to keep you safe while you ride.

The Rynox Gripper Reflective Bungee is also designed for ease of use and convenience. The bungee cords are easy to adjust and can be quickly released, allowing you to secure and remove your luggage and gear quickly and easily.

Overall, the Rynox Gripper Reflective Bungee is an excellent option for riders who need a secure and reliable way to transport their luggage and gear on their motorcycle. With its durable construction, adjustable hooks, and reflective detailing, this bungee is a great choice for riders who prioritize safety and convenience.

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