RYNOX Tornado Pro 4 Jacket

Size: S
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The Rynox Tornado Pro 4 Jacket is a high-performance motorcycle jacket designed for riders who need a reliable and durable jacket that can withstand tough weather conditions. This jacket is made from high-quality materials and features advanced safety features to provide maximum protection in the event of a crash.

The Tornado Pro 4 Jacket is made with a combination of materials that offer superior abrasion resistance and impact protection. The jacket features CE level 2 certified armor on the shoulders, elbows, and back, which help to absorb impact in the event of a crash.

The jacket also features a breathable and stretchable mesh fabric on the backhand, which promotes airflow and allows for a comfortable fit. The jacket is also equipped with Rynox Airvent System, which allows ventilation and air flow through the jacket.

The Tornado Pro 4 Jacket has a waterproof outer shell with a removable thermal liner, which can be easily taken out in hot weather conditions. The jacket also has a unique rain liner system that can be worn inside or outside the jacket, providing an extra layer of protection against rain and wind.

The jacket also features adjustable cuffs, collar, and waistband, allowing you to customize the fit to your specific needs. The jacket also has reflective detailing, improving your visibility in low-light conditions.

The Rynox Tornado Pro 4 Jacket also features a unique feature called the Rynox In&box technology, which is a smart safety system that can detect an accident and automatically send an alert to emergency services with the rider's location. This feature can potentially save a rider's life in the event of an accident.

Overall, the Rynox Tornado Pro 4 Jacket is a great choice for riders who need a high-performance jacket that offers both protection and comfort. With its advanced safety features, breathable materials, waterproof construction, and smart safety technology, this jacket is sure to keep you safe and comfortable on even the toughest rides.

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