SHIELD Viper Full Gauntlet ( Kangaroo Edition)

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SHIELD Viper Full Gauntlet ( Kangaroo Edition)

Product Description

SHIELD Viper Full Gauntlet (Kangaroo Edition) is a type of motorcycle gloves that offer superior protection, comfort, and flexibility to riders. The gloves are made from high-quality kangaroo leather, which is known for its excellent strength, abrasion resistance, and lightweight.

The gloves feature a full gauntlet design that extends over the wrist, providing additional protection to the rider's hands and wrists. The gloves also come with reinforced carbon fiber knuckles, fingers, and palms, which provide maximum protection against impact and abrasion.

SHIELD Viper Full Gauntlet (Kangaroo Edition) gloves are designed for both street and track use and are suitable for all types of riders. They are available in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every rider.

When choosing motorcycle gloves, it is important to consider the level of protection, comfort, and flexibility offered by the gloves. The SHIELD Viper Full Gauntlet (Kangaroo Edition) gloves are a great choice for riders who want maximum protection without compromising on comfort and flexibility.



  • Scaphoid Bone: Super Fabric Material patented Impact SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) two specially developed abrasion resistant sliders on the outside. This combination enables the gloves to slide smoothly on contact with the ground, instead of gripping the impact surface and subsequently reducing hyper-extension of the wrist and potential scaphoid injuries.

  • Knuckle: Overhanging PVC knuckle protector with HD foam backing. Overhang construction flexes with your hand and maximises actuation

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