Suzuki V strom 250 Zana GPS Mount

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Product Description


1. Mounts Made of Powder-Coated Stainless Steel.
2. Body Made of Aluminium 
3. Placement is suitable for comfortable viewing.
4. Compatible with generally all types of phone mounts, which need to be purchased separately.
5. Keeps the phone orientation stable.

6. Mount Your Phone and GOpro together at the best possible view point.

7. Right above your meter console. Best View for map, best angle for your camera.

8. Best ergonomics.

9. Full view of seedometer console.

10. All aluminum and SS construction.

11. Lifelong rust free.

12. Compatible with virtually all phone mounts, which must be purchased separately.

13. LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR Paint/Powder coating warranty (not against accident)

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