Triumph Speed 400-Moto Torque ENGINE GUARD

Material: Aluminium
Sale price$15.90



  1. Ultimate Engine Protection:

    • Safeguard your Triumph Speed 400's heart with the Moto Torque ENGINE GUARD, offering unparalleled protection against impacts, debris, and unexpected obstacles during your rides.
  2. Robust Construction:

    • Built to endure the demands of varied terrains and riding conditions, the ENGINE GUARD is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability without compromising on style.
  3. Precision Fit:

    • Tailored exclusively for the Triumph Speed 400, this engine guard seamlessly integrates with the bike's design, providing a precision fit that enhances both form and function.
  4. Easy Installation:

    • Experience hassle-free installation with the Moto Torque ENGINE GUARD. The kit includes all necessary hardware and clear instructions, allowing you to enhance your bike's protection without prolonged downtime.
  5. Adventure-Ready Design:

    • Designed to complement the Triumph Speed 400's aesthetics, the ENGINE GUARD not only provides unmatched protection but also adds a rugged and adventure-ready look to your motorcycle.
  6. Optimized Ground Clearance:

    • The design of the ENGINE GUARD is optimized for ground clearance, ensuring that you can tackle challenging terrains with confidence, allowing your Triumph Speed 400 to conquer any adventure.
  7. Versatile Off-Road Performance:

    • Whether you're navigating city streets or venturing off-road, the Moto Torque ENGINE GUARD is designed for versatile performance, ensuring your bike's engine remains protected in any riding scenario.

Made with Aluminium 2mm thickness/Made with Mild Steel 2mm thickness 

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