Triumph Speed 400-Moto Torque FOGLIGHT MOUNT

Sale price$7.90



  • Lasting Durability: Designed with a focus on long-term resilience, this product ensures lasting durability, providing a reliable solution for mounting lights on your motorcycle.

  • Easy Light Mounting: Simplifying the process, this product allows for easy mounting of lights, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience for the rider.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: The product is designed for a straightforward installation process, minimizing any potential complications and ensuring a hassle-free setup.

  • In-House Design: Crafted with precision and expertise, the product boasts an in-house design from Moto Torque, reflecting a commitment to quality and performance.

  • Sturdy Construction: Made and fabricated with heavy 3mm Mild Steel, this product prioritizes strength and robustness, ensuring a secure and reliable mounting solution.

Product Details:

  • Color: Black
  • Primary Material: Mild Steel
  • Suitable for: TRIUMPH SPEED 400

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